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onishobo.com Treatment rituals Treatment in Amazon Alternative treatment stay in Peru onishobo
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Oni Shobo is the place of natural healing, located in the beautiful place of Peruvian Amazon Basin. It is surrounded just by the gorgeous nature of the rain forest which can provide you a peaceful atmosphere for your spiritual journey. It is an ideal environment to practice shamanic and natural medicinal healing. We provide also some expeditions or excursions in Pacaya Samiria National Reserve or surroundings of Iquitos, what people can join to their auahuasca retreat.




The stay in the center

Our ayahuasca workshop is developed in co-operation with our local Peruvian shamans, called curanderos, who are able to provide the traditional use of ayahuasca and some other medicinal plants for leading you on your spiritual journey. To get an effective process of individual cleaning and spiritual transformation we provide a safe, nice and comfortable environment, and we recommend at least 7 days of stay.

You will be accompanied by authentic indigenous healers who will help on your journey and get over your health and life problems not only by the means of ayahuasca healing ceremonies. The knowledge of plant spiritual medicine, called curanderismo, is one of the oldest medical traditions in the world, and it may bring us back to a state of harmony in our lives.

During the stay, there is a guide who works as a translator during the dialogue with the shaman and will assist in preparing the participants for the ceremony and help them through the experience that could sometimes be a very powerful one.

During the following days, the participants will receive everything they need for their journey, ayahuasca healing ceremonies and some other medicinal plants, purifying and healing plant bathing, counselling. The guide will explain for the participants in a way to understand the healing process which may help them bring some new values into their lives.


Ceremonies and programs

Our ceremonies are safe and also well controlled and protected by our shamans what is so much important for the duration of the healing process. Our programs include ayahuasca ceremonies, purifying tobacco ritual, plant baths, individual consultations with shamans, walking in the jungle.

We offer various programs for this profound and deep work on yourself and also individual programs for bigger groups with some orientation (ayahuasca, excursions, expeditions, exploring the nature..). Stay in Pacaya Samiria Reserve we recommend so much to people who are interested in fauna and flora, ornithologists, scientists, photographers etc...






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