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onishobo.com Treatment rituals Treatment in Amazon Alternative treatment stay in Peru onishobo
onishobo.com Treatment rituals Treatment in Amazon Alternative treatment stay in Peru onishobo
about us - frequently asked questions



What do I need to take with me?

  • Breathable, light, long trousers, a light, breathable T-shirt with long sleeves or a shirt, some shorts, some T-shirts, a sweatshirt with long sleeves ( it may be cold sometimes), swimsuit, suntan lotion with a high factor ( just for the journey to the center ),baseball cap or something to cover your head, camera, video camera ( if you want ), raincoat or poncho, some socks, slippers (inside or in socks ), sandals, sport shoes ( some quite cheap – might be damaged ), rubber boots, flashlight ( that one which is possible to dim to work at night, we recommend Petzl or Energizer LED) and also some spare batteries for longer stay, sunglasses, for the ceremonies we recommend to take some comfortable clothes with not so much zips and seams ( to feel comfortable- maybe some stretchable trousers).
  • We recommend a light color of your clothes (the dark one may attract mosquito).
  • A sleeping bag (covers and pillows you will get there, but in the morning might be a bit colder so it is very useful to have your sleeping bag), sleeping pad ( for your personal meditation).
  • For your hygiene routine to take natural shampoo (if possible without chemical elements), natural soap (the best is from glycerin), natural toothpaste, natural insect repellent- it is very important for your diet because your skin is like your mouth using to breathe (be careful- even the natural ones may contain some chemicals so we recommend to use the mixture of clear essential oils in this case).
  • Take with you for your free time your favorite books ( if you want you can leave the books in our library for other people to give them the chance to read as well), social games, MP3 with relaxing or your favourite music, some paper and drawing pencils – it is up to your choice.
  • Some pocket money - we recommend 300-400 US dollars- for the food and drink in the town, for the hotel, for the laundry charge and some other activitie (according to your interest), for the souvenirs.
  • Please make sure you have a good travel insurance before starting your trip.


How to protect myself against mold ?

We recommend taking some older clothes and also some cheap plastic bags to store things and protect against mold- the humidity is very high here.


Can I have some hygiene routine in the center?

There are some comfortable showers in the center where you can have some privacy for your hygiene routine.


What about the climate in the jungle?

There is a hot and damp climate in the jungle with some cold evenings and nights. There are some rainy seasons from December until the end of April with a dry season for the rest of the year. To find out the current temperature we recommend looking at the particular page.


What about the mosquito?

Actually, there are quite a lot of mosquitos in the jungle. But luckily in the area where is the center there is a low number of mosquito. Although all the places in the camp are protected by the mosquito net and therefore the places are safe and without the mosquito the jungle is the home of lots of insects. The best protection seems to be your clothes with long sleeves and trousers.


Do we need any vaccination?

There is no need of vaccination. The center is out of the epicenter of malaria.


What does it mean the Amazonian shamanism?

The Amazonian shamanism is rooted with the tribes of Amazon basin. These tribes used their deep knowledge of their home environment and also their deep knowledge of all the medicinal plants around and they created their original culture. The native people learned to treat from the spirits of all the plants they used to work with. They were good at communicating to the plants through the spiritual attributes of these visionary plants. Telepathy, sharing your mind and space travelling present their common knowledge.


How long do the ayahuasca rituals take?

The rituals usually take at about 4 to 6 hours.


Is there electricity in the center?

There is no electricity. The idea is to keep the traditional atmosphere of the center and to go on this way as long as possible.


Is there a telephone connection in the center?

No, there is no signal in the center.


Where I can see some information about traveling to Peru?



Can I use the Ayahuasca medicine while having my period?

Yes. We work with the shamans who allow going through the ritual while having your period. Most of our shamans have no problem with this situation; the others make a small ceremony to ask for permission to provide the woman to take part in a healing process. This ceremony also helps to eliminate most of the disturbing energies which may appear during your period ( it may be disturbing for the woman and also for the others).


Can you compare your program with some other programs?

Our center is focused on healing process and cleaning with the help of the shamans by using the variety of methods. During your stay we would like to provide you mainly the healing process not just to give you the experience during ayahuasca rituals. This make the main difference from other centers and mainly from “ ayahuasca tourism”. Everybody is provided with the individual attention they need.

Besides ayahuasca we offer some other programs and excursions to provide a pleasant stay.


What about the diet during the healing and cleaning process?

You can find all the details in title DIET.


How does the ceremony go on and do we have any help to make it?

The ceremony (or the ritual) starts at about 8 p. m. The shaman will meet everybody one by one and he will offer a cup of ayahuasca to everybody as well. After having your drink the shaman will be waiting for a while to let the drink work and then he will “read” the soul of everybody there. After that the shaman will sing Ikaros and then he will run the whole ceremony. He will have some effect and he will treat all the people in the ceremony (even those ones who do not drink ayahuasca ). During the process he will meet face to face everybody to make an individual treatment. At the end of the ceremony everybody is cleaned by mapacho (tobacco) and the ceremony is finished, it takes at about 4-6 hours ( it varies from one to one ). After the end everybody can go into their room or they can stay and sleep at the place until the next morning. And there is also the guide all the time and the guide will help everyone during the ceremony.


Is it possible that my problems will get even worse or some new problems will start?

The treatment with ayahuasca can make your problems even worse if it is used the wrong way. Ayahuasca is a very powerful tool of shamanic medicine and we shouldn´t take it easy. It is important to take part in the ritual by the leadership of good shamans having the right knowledge and experience and they will lead your treatment by the means of the rituals to the right direction to cut down all the symptoms and negatives in your life. In our center we work with shamans that have more 25 years’ experience of such a treatment. Be careful of so called “ayahuasca journey” because there are quite a lot wrong or false shamans with no experience. One of the most important aspects is to keep your diet properly because when you don´t keep the rules it may damage your healing process and energy (after coming back home).


Is there a threat of malaria in this region?

There is no epidemic of malaria in this region.


What languages do the people in the center speak?

We speak Spanish, English, Czech


Can I see any animals in this region?

National Reserve Pacaya Samiria is a treasure of the biggest biodiversity in the world where people can observe a lot of animals and giant trees. Basically it depends on many conditions to see the animals in the jungle – the noise, the weather, the season. The most frequent problem is the noise. But if you can stay quiet in the jungle you can see some small monkeys called “Pichico” usually staying in groups, you can also see the green parrots “Pericos” flying high in the treetops. There are quite a lot of birds and you can listen to various sounds. You can also see lots of beautiful butterflies, the famous one is the big blue one “Blue Morpho” which is believed to bring you happiness. There are also anteaters called “Manko” and some other mammals. And we see a snake “Machaco” and a capibar too. Besides there are also squirrels, añuche, caymans, iguanas. Our excursions include also nocturnal expeditions to appreciate caimans and other nocturnal animals.


How do they make the “Ayahuasca medicine”?

At first the ayahuasca liana is crushed and it is boiled at a very special fireplace on carefully chosen pieces of wood. It is boiled separately for 16 hours and it is concentrated. Then it is filtrated and we add some leaves of Chacruna, then it is boiled for 8 hours again to make it even more concentrated. We can have at about 2 litres Ayahuasca drink from 50 kilos of the ayahuasca liana.


Do you have any further questions?

We are here to answer any other questions you have. Just write to us anytime you want-the address is onishobo@gmail.com and we will send you the answer as soon as possible.






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