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Ayahuasca, Banisteriopsis caapi, is a liana and some herbal medicinal plant doctors traditionally define it as their master plant „ per excellence“. Working with this plant seems to be a long-time tradition for the shamans and this relationship is based on love and deep knowledge.

Ayahuasca is mixed with other plant, the Chacruna, the Psychotria viridiris, to make a drink with a specific flavour called “chica”. This drink may clear your physical and energetic body, can stimulate meditation, it can also balance your energy and it may awake your intuition.

In a native dialect the liana is known as “death´s liana “. When translated into the Quechua language the liana is “ huasca “ and the death is “ aya “, and these words make the term which is traditionally known as “ Ayahuasca “.

The liana´s mother is the Chacruna, a female spirit which shows the shamans the causes of the diseases and also it shows which plants are possible to use to cure them. Chacruna also makes visions.

If the master plants are properly used in harmony with Amazon tradition they can stimulate knowledge through visions and intuitions about their healing properties and about the healing properties of other plants.

Besides, due to their inner properties, they also give us an introspective vision of ourselves and through these visions they can help us reveal the main essence of our own life as well. Thus they can help us interpret events and actions that have influenced the course of our life.

Fundamentally, there are two aspects of working with Ayahuasca. Firstly, Ayahuasca can clean the body off physical impurities and secondly they can free the mind of emotional problems and the soul of spiritual issues that have accumulated over one´s lifetime.

From various types of Ayahuasca the most used is Ayahuasca amarilla (“yellow Ayahuasca“), next there are Ayahuasca negra (“black Ayahuasca “), Ayahuasca shushupe (according to the snake shushupe) and Ayahuasca dulce or cielo (“sweet Ayahuasca”).


Ceremony with Ayahuasca

Each ceremony with Ayahuasca is different. Everybody has got individual experience because we are not the same , we have got different experiences with dieting and different experiences with Ayahuasca. There are many variable aspects like the life style( alcohol, drugs,….), the trauma from the past, the ability to feel the energy, some programs and also the mental activities in your past. Ayahusca can detect exactly what do you need at the moment, but it can also detect what you can reach and manage.

Ayahuasca can provide nice experiences if your body is clean enough. It may show you what sort of person you really are inside yourself, it may teach you, open your eyes, show you the past, the future, you can learn quite a lot, a lot of different rules , it may teach you about your role here on the Earth and so on…(according to the actual situation inside everybody). If the body is not clean it works on the physical level which is followed by vomiting and diarrhoea. You don´t have any visions (it is normal, you don´t have to worry about anything). Or you can have some visions, you can see what is wrong inside you and what is supposed to be removed, it may bring our problems from inside on the surface to experience them once again and to understand them and also to clean them and to release them. Ayahuasce can remove all your blockades and toxins, it treats you, it teaches you and cleans, it may establish all your actual needs, it may establish all the priorities.

Ayahusca´s visions may be different according to the shaman who makes the ritual. If the shamans works with the nature and he uses only the clean energy, then your visions are more pleasant and people may feel the connection and the contact with the nature which may help you to mature and to heal yourself.

In no case is Ayahusca used to have some occasional experiences, but we should use it with a respect and humility. It is the best medicine for those who are willing to work on themselves really deep it is not a suitable medicine for the tourists or people looking for visions and experiences from these visions (like using drugs), Ayahusca is not the drug, it is a plant with its own wisdom.

All the rituals we make are safe; all the process is checked and protected by our shamans which is very important during the spiritual treatment. We are here to help during all the rituals and we are here to assist when there are special needs.

In case of some diseases as diabetes, high blood pressure, having antidepression medicine and antibiotics, we don´t recommend to drink Ayahusca. And also we don´t recommend it for the women expecting a baby. Please read more about this in the part concerning the medical recommendations.


IKAROS - Nature songs

Traditionally, sound has been used for healing in many cultures. Throughout the indigenous tribes of South America, plant songs are an integral part of the healing process. Shaman sings this song during ceremonies with ayahuasca..

The Onanya (Shipibo healers) explain that all plants have their own songs and these songs, the ikaros, are taught to the healer during "dietas" – Dietas are extended periods of time in isolation adhering to strict dietary conditions carried out in order to receive the healing energy and teachings of the plants. The apprentice carries out numerous diets whilst in training, typically for a minimum of 4 years and then continuing to diet on plants throughout their life as an Onanya. These healing ikaros form the backbone of the energy work during ceremonies.

During ceremony shaman call with this icaro spirits of the plants, rivers, mountains and others for come to maloka and cure. Usually shaman has various kinds of icaro and he uses it for what he needs in this moment.






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