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One of the most important aspects of working with Ayahuasca is adhering to a time-honored tradition of following a special diet in order to prepare not just the body, but also the mind and soul to incorporate the healing energy of Ayahuasca. This diet also shows Mother Ayahuasca your intention, and is a test of discipline and commitment.

Is not only about dietary rules, is also about physical contact with other people (touching, sex, and kissing). During diet our energetic bodies are open, our bodies look like an opened flower, your body is very vulnerable during this time and if in contact with other people, unfavorable energies from other bodies can move into your body and you need even more cleansing after this. The diet includes also the use of ayahuasca and other medicinal plants.

While you are in "diet" it is common to feel tired, sad, lethargy or feel physical discomfort. This is part of the cleansing process ayahuasca or other medicinal plants will have on you. The discomfort represents the problems in your body, which now come to the surface and are being "cleaned out" or healed.

You can ease the discomfort by taking cold water; water is an amazing energetic purifier and will remove any bad feelings coming out of your body. Also maestro will use a tobacco called mapacho, to smoke you, for cleansing and protection.

It is important to know, that after this diet, you will feel more light, strong, clean and happy.

Diet is serious spiritual, mental and physical work and needs to be approached with great respect and humility.

During diet you cannot use salt or just few, which can make you feel tired and less energetic, but it's a normal state. You need to rest and concentrate on plants you are taking. After dieting, when you allowed salt again, you will feel how your energy system goes up and you feel much better and more powerful than before the diet.

The main aspects of the diet we follow at the Center are common to the teachings of all the ayahuasquero /as across the Peruvian Amazon. In the case of some of the food restrictions, there is also definitive scientific evidence that they are essential for safety. We advise you to begin the diet at least 1 week before a stay here and to continue the diet after your stay. The shaman will advise every person individually on this. It is essential to continue the diet to ensure the ikaros you have received and any possible plant remedies you were prescribed, are given sufficient time to integrate.


!!! Diet before stay in the center

We recommend that you abstain from the following foods at least one week before you come here:

  • little salt
  • no pepper
  • no sugar (or only a bit of brown sugar cane), sweets or chocolate
  • no pork (minimum 2 weeks before and after we recommend don't eat pork)
  • no red meat
  • no oils (if you must use oil, use olive or coconut oil very sparingly)
  • no animal fats (lard, butter etc)
  • no alcohol (minimum 1 week before and after)
  • no fizzy drinks (including “diet” sodas, as these contain NutraSweet/Aspartame and other sweeteners), no energy drinks, no non-alcoholic beer
  • no drinks with gas
  • no seasoning (white pepper, spices, etc), no chillies or other hot pepper
  • no ice, ice cream, or ice cold drinks
  • no dairy products
  • no beens
  • no cafe
  • no nuts (a lot of oil and yeast)
  • no tins, stewed fruits
  • no drugs and marihuana

Additional restrictions:

  • no sexual activities of any kind, including masturbation
  • avoidance of synthetic soaps, perfumes, toiletries, etc
  • no prescription drugs (please contact us with more information if you are currently taking any medication, especially antidepressants or antibiotics).
  • if female participants are menstruating, then please inform us
  • Ayahuasca is not compatible with pregnancy

By eliminating the above from your diet, you will prepare your body physically for the Ayahuasca journey, and perhaps also reducing the amount of “purging” needed to clean your physical body.


!!! Diet in the center

No strict diet

  • no sugar and salt
  • yes vegetables, fruits
  • yes fish
  • yes eggs
  • yes oatmeal (avena), wheat (trigo), quinua
  • yes cooked potato, rise, yuca, eggs, bananas, pasta
  • yes vegetable soups
  • no all sexual activity
  • recommended also: don't use chemical soap, shampoo, toothpaste and creams (hygiene is only with pure water or natural cosmetic) - this way you get into the most clean energetic state

Strict diet

  • absolutly without salt and sugar
  • yes rice
  • yes green cooked banana
  • yes special kind of fish for diet
  • no all sexual absence
  • recommended also: don't use metallic jewelry, earrings and pendants, during diet with plants, don't use chemical soap, shampoo, toothpaste and creams (hygiene is only with pure water or natural cosmetic) - this way you get into the most clean energetic state

Strict diet is the most digestible for the body, it doesn't produce toxins from fermented food, and it helps in purification of the body and creates the best conditions for medicinal plants and Ayahuasca.

Once you finish your diet, the shaman will perform a ritual, where he uses a small amount of salt and tobacco to smoke your body. After this you finished your diet. Between diets you will eat similar foods as in your diet, but you will be allowed pasta, eggs, little salt, brown sugar or honey. The shaman will decide for each person individually, what a person is allowed to eat.

In addition to the physical aspects, by showing your commitment and determination to Ayahuasca and the Master Plants, you are creating the foundations of your relationship with them and offering them respect which is essential.


!!! Diet after back home

After you return home it is necessary to continue the diet, for how long will be recommended by the shaman (usually are 7 - 15 days), and the diet is similar to the one before coming to the center.

We also recommend continuing a good life style to be careful with food and drinks, don't smoke, don't drink alcohol and don't use any drugs.

The diet is on a physical and spiritual level.




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